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Eliminate Bed Bugs

Miller Pest & Termite is the leader when it comes to bed bug Des Moines treatments!  At Miller, we pride ourselves on being the BEST at destroying bed bugs in Des Moines and central Iowa while giving our customers peace of mind. We require NO customer prep work before your initial treatment. This will save you days washing, drying, and emptying out dressers, closets, and turning your whole life upside down!

We can eliminate these treatments because our product leaves a residual, killing bed bugs quickly to give you peace of mind.

Our Green treatment will kill bed bugs and eggs on contact.


Why Is Your Treatment Better Than Heat?

When a company “heat treats” your home many bed bugs will die, but there will still be a number of them surviving.  Because of this reason, most pest control company’s using the “heat treatment” method, will treat with a chemical afterword.  The best liquid chemical out there will be strong enough to kill bed bugs for about two weeks. What kind of protection is that?

Reported Problems with Heat Treatment

Homeowners have reported damage from the bed bug heat treatment. Some examples include moisture between glass panes of insulated windows, doors won’t shut/open, cracks in floorboards, counter/cabinets separating from walls, hardwood floors cracking/separating and blinds wrapping.

We are now receiving reports of problems after “heat treatments.” Prior heat treatments create especially difficult elimination protocol to resolve this problem.

Because some heating process is gradual and particularly so at the periphery, this causes the bed bugs to migrate to the spaces between walls and in between floors and ceilings. These areas become their “new home in the suburbs.”

After temperatures have returned to normal, the bed bugs emerge from these new harborages and re-enter the room where they attack and feed on the occupants of that space. After feeding, some return to the newfound harborages where they lay eggs and are more difficult to treat.

In one report it was noted that as screws holding the headboard support in place were removed, nymphs and adults emerged from the screw holes. Heat drives bed bugs in the spaces between walls floors and ceilings. Bed bugs easily travel into neighboring Apartments, Condos, and Town Houses. Apartment owner(s) and Condo and Town Home associations need information to set the best treatment policies for the infested unit. Knowing this helps protect neighboring units from excess infestation.

Preparing for Treatment

Miller Pest is proud to offer “limited prep” to 90% of our infested customers. This means you don’t have to put your life on hold for days preparing for treatment. To prepare for treatment we only ask that you clean your home like you are having a guest over. We will even take care of your bed linens. Please don’t remove anything from your room as this can make your problem worse. When our technician completes your initial treatment, we will then inform you if you have any “homework” before our next scheduled visit. If any chemical is applied by the homeowner then it is automatically considered a high infestation because these products only spread the problem that was most likely isolated close to the bed. This will eventually most require you many hours of “prep work” to allow us too property treat certain areas.

If you have treated with any chemicals or products, or have a high infestation, the following will be required by our customer:

  • Remove all bed linens, pillowcases, bed pads, curtains, and furniture dressings (i.e. sofa covers) and place in large bags and double knot. Please do this in the same room where the bed bugs have been found so as not to transport any bed bugs to another room. Wash in hot water temperature above 120 degrees and dry using the hottest dry cycle available.
  • Empty closets, bedside tables and bureau drawers for inspection and treatment. Place items in clean plastic bags and double knot the bags and wash clothing as indicated in #1.
  • Make room perimeter accessible for inspection and treatment by moving items away from the wall to the center of the room.
  • Remove pictures, clocks, posters and other wall hangings for inspection and treatment.
  • Remove everything off the floor, especially in rooms where bed bugs are suspected.
  • Make sure locked rooms and closets are emptied and open for inspection and treatment.
  • Remove all electrical outlet and light switch plates. Remove wall mounted lights if applicable.

The more preparation that is done, the more effective the treatment will be. Little to no preparation will result in poor control results. The effect of the treatment will be apparent in the first few days, with longer-term control taking a couple of weeks or more (depending on pre-treatment preparations made and the size of the infestation).

After Treatment Best Practices

  • Avoid bringing infested clothing, furniture, mattresses, box springs and bed frames home.
  • Carefully inspect and vacuum-clean luggage when returning from trips and seal as well as throw away all garbage/garbage bags.

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