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Adult bed bugs are flat, small (less than ¼ inch long), oval-shaped, wingless, and reddish brown. Immature bugs are smaller and amber colored. Eggs are tiny and white. They feed on blood and attach themselves to their favorite meal: humans and animals. Bed bugs need blood to grow and can live up to one year on a single feeding.

Most people who suspect they have a bed bug issue are extremely embarrassed because they mistakenly assume the infestation is an indicator that they or their homes are somehow dirty. However, bed bugs come from many sources, including guests, used furniture, adjacent apartments, and pets. Bed Bugs will make themselves at home anywhere, clean or dirty, if they can readily feed on blood. Always remember that no matter how humiliating you think your infestation is, it is not worth risking your family’s health and safety on ineffective and dangerous home remedies.

Bed Bug up close


Biology And Behavior

Bed bugs feed exclusively on blood. A small problem can explode quickly because adult females can lay between 1-5 eggs per day. These eggs will hatch anywhere from 7-10 days. Bed bugs can survive up to one year without a feeding. Bed bugs can be introduced into a property via used furniture or from a person who has been residing in a bed bug infested area.

Bed Bug Life Span


Bed Bug Bites

Unless you find signs of bed bug infestation, it can be hard to tell if your bite is from a bed bug. When they bite, most people never know because they inject an anesthetic. Sometimes you might not know you have been bit until the next day or even several days after. The bite may look similar to a flea or mosquito. Bites can be swollen, red, and may itch. They can bite in straight lines or appear to be random. Many times we notice them in threes. Some customers have noticed no reaction, and never show any visible sign that they have been bit.

Bed Bug Bite on Jaw



Not known disease carriers. Skin infection and scarring can result from scratching. The majority of people do not react to bed bug bites. Lack of sleep is a serious side-effect causing reduced alertness, loss of productivity, and mood problems.

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